OCA » Hangzhou 2022 releases image and landscape masterplan for 19th Asian Games

by sindbad posted Feb 03, 2021


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OCA » Hangzhou 2022 releases image and landscape masterplan for 19th Asian Games


Hangzhou, China, January 30, 2021: Organisers have released the image and landscape masterplan for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 which specifies how images - including emblems, the slogan, mascots and sport pictograms - will be used in and out of the venues and in the city landscape, reports China Xinhua Sports.
The masterplan - themed "a poem of the East and a window of China" - is a toolbox for visual images, public art design and night scenes design.
It will be applied in a variety of scenarios including competition venues, the Asian Games Village, official hotels and Asian Games-designated transportation vehicles, organising committee HAGOC said at the launch on Friday, January 29.
"The toolbox combines Hangzhou's features and smartness and encompasses not only static but also dynamic designs," said Cheng Zhaohui, who is mainly responsible for the project.
According to Guo Jinyong, who was in charge of night scenes design, the lighting of the venues and some landscape buildings of the city will be from the colour scheme of the Asian Games. Virtual reality will also be part of the design which might enable people to access live competition information after scanning certain directive signs.
"It is a demonstration of the culture of the Asian Games and of the host city Hangzhou and contributes to creating a poetic and smart city landscape and making the venues vigorous," Cheng said.
Cheng also noted that, although it took almost five months to finalise the masterplan, it is subject to refinement in the future as the toolbox is opened. The masterplan will be applied step by step in the city before presenting the world its final look in 2022.
The OCA’s 19th Asian Games will run from September 10-25, 2022, with 40 sports, 61 disciplines and 482 events.