International Testing Agency- Keeping Sport Real

by sindbad posted Feb 05, 2021


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Letter_ITA Central Services to ARISF IFs_02.02.2021 (2).pdf


The ITA is an international organisation constituted as a not-for-profit foundation, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its mission is to offer comprehensive anti-doping services, independent from sporting or political powers to International Federations (IFs), Major Event Organisers (MEOs), and all other anti-doping organisations requesting support. Planning tests in and out of competition, evaluating risks, athlete whereabouts, managing Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) and results management are all part of the way the ITA can reinforce the fight against doping by bringing together expertise and helping IFs and MEOs fulfil their duties under the World Anti-Doping Code.


--The ITA’s vision is to be the world leader in delivering anti-doping programmes for sport. We aim to be the global trusted partner for all athletes and anti-doping stakeholders by leveraging our expertise, experience and independence.

--The ITA’s mission is to earn the trust, respect and loyalty of our partners by consistently delivering high quality services through a collaborative, professional and innovative approach.


--The ITA commits to uphold at all times the values of Integrity, Excellence and Equality.