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    Video clip of the 1st Disabled Racquetball Players Championships

    Date2024.01.12 Bysindbad Views500
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    The first International Disabled Racquetball Players Championships

    Date2023.12.25 Bysindbad Views868
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  3. ARF Korea headquarters' Early End of the Year party

    Date2023.11.07 bysindbad Views654
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  4. 2025 World Game Competiton Manager Meeting at Chengdu, China on Oct. 24, 25th

    Date2023.11.06 bysindbad Views700
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  5. Korean players confirmed to participates the 6 Titles Doubles Championships in Japan

    Date2023.08.14 bysindbad Views548
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  6. All Japan Championships Tournament-National Singles 2023.

    Date2023.08.14 bysindbad Views690
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  7. Racquetball for 9 mentally challenged players(Autism)

    Date2023.08.14 bysindbad Views476
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    2023 the 9th Asia Open Racquetball Championships

    Date2023.05.09 bysindbad Views1305
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  9. Tournament Bracket(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.21 bysindbad Views1157
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  10. Shuttle bus time(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views981
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    Friday/Courts availablehours(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views893
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  12. Timetable(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views960
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  13. Participant list(9th AsiaOpen)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views993
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  14. 2023 The 9th Asia Open Racquetball Championships

    Date2023.03.28 bysindbad Views1406
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  15. 9th Asia Racquetball Open in April 2023

    Date2023.02.06 bysindbad Views1048
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  16. The 5th Seoul Racquetball Tournament

    Date2022.12.03 bysindbad Views1093
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  17. The 11th Gang-nam Racquetball Tournament

    Date2022.12.02 bysindbad Views1086
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    JPRF held Christmas Open House CharityTeam Tournament 2022

    Date2022.11.30 bysindbad Views1123
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  19. ARF hosted the dinner for players from Asia(Japan & India) at XXI World Racquetball Championships in Mexico

    Date2022.08.22 bysindbad Views1170
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  20. Meeting for 2022 Asia Open Racquetball Tournament

    Date2022.08.09 bysindbad Views1068
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  21. Workshop, operating committee members of Asia Racquetball Federation(Korea office)

    Date2022.08.01 bysindbad Views1175
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  22. THE 2022 ARF Executive Board Meeting.

    Date2022.06.28 bysindbad Views1216
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