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    2023 the 9th Asia Open Racquetball Championships

    Date2023.05.09 Bysindbad Views66
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    2023 The 9th Asia Open Racquetball Championships

    Date2023.03.28 Bysindbad Views284
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  3. Tournament Bracket(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.21 bysindbad Views177
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  4. Shuttle bus time(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views60
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    Friday/Courts availablehours(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views26
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  6. Timetable(9th Asia Open)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views84
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  7. Participant list(9th AsiaOpen)

    Date2023.04.20 bysindbad Views61
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  8. 9th Asia Racquetball Open in April 2023

    Date2023.02.06 bysindbad Views142
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  9. The 5th Seoul Racquetball Tournament

    Date2022.12.03 bysindbad Views164
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  10. The 11th Gang-nam Racquetball Tournament

    Date2022.12.02 bysindbad Views125
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    JPRF held Christmas Open House CharityTeam Tournament 2022

    Date2022.11.30 bysindbad Views113
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  12. ARF hosted the dinner for players from Asia(Japan & India) at XXI World Racquetball Championships in Mexico

    Date2022.08.22 bysindbad Views172
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  13. Meeting for 2022 Asia Open Racquetball Tournament

    Date2022.08.09 bysindbad Views181
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  14. Workshop, operating committee members of Asia Racquetball Federation(Korea office)

    Date2022.08.01 bysindbad Views166
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  15. THE 2022 ARF Executive Board Meeting.

    Date2022.06.28 bysindbad Views191
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    ARF would like to donate $500 to support the children who are currently victims of the Ukraine war.

    Date2022.03.04 bysindbad Views309
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    ARF revise and reorganize the constitution.

    Date2022.02.24 bysindbad Views306
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  18. Asia Racquetball Association had the 2021 special executive board meeting

    Date2021.12.08 bysindbad Views353
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  19. Bayarjargal Jalsrai (Journalist, CEO of TV 6 in Mongolia)

    Date2021.06.08 bysindbad Views510
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  20. Thank you ARF / Asia Racquetball Federation for your generous donation !!!

    Date2021.06.01 bysindbad Views463
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  21. IRF and ARF had a very productive and meaningful zoom meeting.

    Date2021.05.12 bysindbad Views407
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  22. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

    Date2021.03.10 bysindbad Views465
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